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Motherhood – A Reflection of My Younger Self

Motherhood - A Reflection of My Younger Self https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/reflection-of-my-younger-self/

“I just want him to talk.” I heard these words recently from a parent in one of my schools, a young mom whose four-year-old son attends an Early Childhood Education program. I see her often as she drops off and picks up her son. In her eyes, I catch a glimpse of my younger self—scared, tormented by doubts, […]

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Embrace The Fear – How to Seek More than Autism-Friendly Events

New York City is one of many great places to raise a child, especially a child with autism. There are so many learning activities, events, shows and festivals for children of all ages and needs. As I take my daughter to autism-friendly events I feel society tends to shelter our children from being exposed to […]

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