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Terrific Tips for Surviving Theme Parks When a Child Has Special Needs

Terrific Tips for Surviving Theme Parks When a Child Has Special Needs https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/tips-parks-child-special-needs/

Ah, theme parks! Whether it’s Disney World, Universal Studios, or some manifestation of National Lampoon’s Walley World, theme parks are a family vacation hot-spot. But when your child has special needs the crowds, noise, and lines may make this kind of destination seem off limits. Growing up with a younger sister who has severe autism, […]

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Making Holiday Memories with Your Special Needs Child


You probably have a favorite memory from the holiday season that brought your family together.  Finding an activity that everyone can enjoy and participate in, especially when you have a child with autism, can be challenging. Depending on your child’s abilities or their sensory aversions, the typical holiday activities may be out of the question. […]

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5 Valuable Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Enjoy Relationships

  Parents of children on the spectrum are often challenged to help their kids find (and keep) friends, mentors, and (even) romance.  Mostly, helping kids with ASD learn how to make meaningful connections is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experiment, depending on your particular child’s skills, interests, and challenges. Caring for my daughter Samantha, who had limited language […]

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