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Life in My Son’s World of Autism

Life in My Son’s World of Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/life-in-sons-world-autism/

I live in two different worlds. One, let’s call this my “home planet,” is the neurotypical, familiar, and comfortable world in which I was raised and conditioned. The other is “planet Ari,” which is the world of autism. I entered this world as an alien to autism, and have slowly been adapting to the strange […]

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Q&A Section – Should you let your child use social media?

This is the question of the month as featured in Issue Number 9 Question: Can social media help my teen? Should I allow my child to use social media? Answer: A Note from the Editor: Dear Parents and Guardians, While I do support the use of social media to help teens and even adults build […]

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Issue 9 – Emotional Journey of Parenting a Special Child

Featuring: The Thin-Red Line by Kim McCafferty Autism & Wandering: 20 Ways To Help Ensure The Safety Of Our Autistic Loved Ones by Brenda Kosky Deskin The Magic Number by S.R. Salas 3 Ways 3 Says by Laurie Jacobs Autism in the News  by Amy Greenberg A review of the go go blanket by Leslie Burby The Parental Hero Journey by Natalia […]

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