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Q&A HELP! I Don’t Know How To Handle Inertia With Autism

Q&A HELP! I Don't Know How To Handle Inertia With Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/how-to-handle-inertia-with-autism/

Do you have any information on inertia and the best ways to help a young girl diagnosed with autism handle it? –Anne Hi Anne. As an occupational therapist, we specialize in helping people with the motor planning part of inertia (also known as the clinical term “praxis”). Motor planning is a higher level skill than […]

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5 Great Ways to Better Connect with Your Child with Autism

As a parent, a loving, emotional connection with your autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child is likely what you crave above all else.  Chances are that you feel robbed of this as a result of your child’s diagnosis. I know this feeling first-hand. My son (now 19) was diagnosed at the age of five after a […]

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