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Signs of Autism? Don’t Be Scared of the A-Word

Signs of Autism? Don’t Be Scared of the A-Word https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-signs-dont-be-scared

Your 2-year-old son has tantrums all the time. Just moving his favorite chair can trigger a meltdown. He grunts and points when he wants something. He rarely looks you in the eye and often doesn’t respond to his name. Family and friends are reassuring. “Kids develop at different paces.” “He’s just quiet.” “My co-worker’s child […]

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Understanding My Children with Autism in a New Way

As a parent of two children with autism, I have a decade and a half of intense experience with autism. What I did not know until recently was that my experience goes much further than that. Our story is pretty typical of many families with autism. Our son seemed to be developing relatively normal. He […]

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Two New Books Worth a Quick Look


Take a look at the latest in motivational and informative books that focus on autism. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a friend, these books are sure to inspire . I’ve Got a Stat For You: My Life With Autism By Andrew Edwards At the age of four, Andrew Edwards was diagnosed with autism. […]

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