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Tips on How to Improve the Health and Happiness of Our Children on the Spectrum


Addressing and treating the underlying pathologies of ADHD and autism can lead to marked improvements – without the side-effects of medication… Our children are often hyper, moody, anti-social, anxious, sleepless and unfocused. Traditionally, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed by psychotherapists such as myself, psychologists, and psychiatrists, who recommend traditional therapy and medications to […]

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Free Webinar – Spotting Signs of Autism in children – Diagnosis and Intervention. Fri 4th Oct

  This friday the 4th October at 13:00 EDT Autism Parenting Magazine will be running a free webinar  about Spotting signs of Autism in Children as well as options for early intervention. We will be broadcasting our webinar via google hangouts or on our youtube channel. You can also register for the event on facebook where […]

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Issue 1 – A look at sensory processing issues

Issue one focuses on Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD as it’s commonly known. Sensory processing issues are very common among people with Autism and this particular edition gives several tips and techniques that can be used to overcome some of the issues that are present.   Other articles include: How to get an official diagnosis […]

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