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Dealing With Job Pressure As an Aspie Can Be Hard

Dealing With Job Pressure As an Aspie Can Be Hard https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/job-pressure-as-an-aspie/

A lot has been said about people with Asperger’s syndrome and school, bullying, and so on. Many people have touched on these kinds of subjects over the years and made an effort to provide helpful information. However, there is a part of our lives that I find lacks attention and that is when we Aspies […]

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Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me

Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/poetry-corner-shh-to-me/

As I walk down the street, the sound is unusual, and why it’s there, it is unclear. I hold my mother’s hand with fear. I need it to shush. The noise of the drill is loud and overwhelming. It’s too much for me, just like the neighbor’s dog, who sometimes is howling… Shh. I need […]

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Expert Strategies You Need to Know for Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Taking care mental health

Getting Support for Yourself IS Supporting Your Family Just like most parents, parents of children with autism love and support their kids. They cherish their time together, and take pride in their child’s accomplishments.  And, just as all parents are concerned about their children’s well-being, parents of children with autism worry for their child’s health, […]

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Issue 44 – Strategies for Daily Life with Autism

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50%   Features: Valuable Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Cope with Traumatic Events Learn from an expert ways you can provide comfort and reassurance for your child with autism in this ever-changing world. Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S. CCC-SLP Sure Fire Ways to Help Your ASD Child Go To […]

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