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Motherhood: Finding Their Joy…and Yours

Motherhood: Finding Their Joy…and Yours https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/motherhood-finding-their-joy-yours/

My mother always told me, “Motherhood is not for wimps.” No truer words can be spoken for any parent of a child on the spectrum. What keeps us going are the day to day and sometimes the moment to moment joys. As parents, watching our autistic children succeed or be valued for their contribution to […]

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Finding the Right Therapy to Help Foster Independence With Special Needs

Finding the Right Therapy to Help Foster Independence With Special Needs https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/right-therapy-with-special-needs/

Functional independence skills are necessary for daily living and establishing quality of life. For ‘neuro-typical’ individuals, we exercise functional independence every day without thinking much about it. We get ourselves up, bathed, dressed, fed and out the door instinctually. For children with autism, however, these functional skills are often not always innate. It’s important to […]

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Autism Schools and Education Facilities – The Ultimate Guide

As we all know, no two children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are alike.  Experts agree, children with autism learn differently and have a wide range of developmental and educational needs. Unfortunately, teachers and support staff are often unfamiliar with the special needs of kids diagnosed with autism and struggle to teach them effectively.  And, […]

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