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Immerse Yourself in a Tale of Courage – Fire of Dreamsville

Immerse Yourself in a Tale of Courage https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/tale-of-courage

Fire of Dreamsville is a psychological fiction about a young boy with autism and his journey through paranormal experience. Except, it is much more than that. The style of writing shows the veritable rollercoaster ride that autism parents and family know all too well, while the story’s premise tackles some of the issues that only […]

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How Journaling with My ASD Son Created a Special Life Connection


Recently I was searching the house for something. We have no storage space so “storage” is pretty much anywhere I can stuff something and finding “said something” later often proves to be an all day event. I never did find what I was looking for but I did come across DC’s Journal from way back in […]

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A Quick Look at ASD Literary Finds


We have uncovered two newly-published books that provide a perfect fit for both parents and children during the back-to-school timeframe.  For a child experiencing anxiety, we are highlighting a lovely picture book by author Annette Rivlin-Gutman that encourages children to find their inner calm.  Parents and caregivers of children on the spectrum are sure to […]

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Issue 39 – Working Together to Communicate Better


  Dear Readers, Communication can be tough. As we all know, many children diagnosed with autism have a more difficult time developing the language skills they need at first. Nonverbal communication, such as eye contact, hand gestures and facial expressions, can especially be a challenge. While many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop communication […]

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New Series of Life Skills Learning Books: The Adrian and Super-A

Adrian and Super-A is a new series of life skills learning books that use pictograms and social stories as a base. Jessica Jensen, who has written and illustrated the first book and four workbooks so far, got the idea for the books when she was searching for social stories for her own autistic child. Her […]

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Targeting Language Delays

Book review Targeting Language Delays

By Caroline Lee Many children with autism spectrum disorder need assistance with their listening, language, and whole-word reading skills. The book, Targeting Language Delays: IEP Goals & Activities for Students with Developmental Challenges, written by Speech-Language Pathologist Caroline Lee, sequentially teaches these vital skills using more than 100 goals and activities that can be used […]

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Book Feature: Autism & Travel: Strategies for Kids to Enjoy an Awesome Experience

Autism and Travel Book

Book Feature Autism & Travel: Strategies for Kids to Enjoy an Awesome Experience! Have you avoided travel with your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because you were concerned that the demands of travel would be too much for him or you? If so, you are not alone. Travel can be scary and overwhelming for […]

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Book Review: The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome

Book Review Living With AspergerSyndrome

The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome Willow wrote this book to try and help other people with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. She hopes that her experiences and the way she has dealt with situations will guide others so that they can further understand themselves, feel less alone, and hopefully go about getting the […]

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Book in the Spotlight: Grace Figures Out School

Grace Figures Out School by Leslie Burby   One of the biggest struggles I face as a parent with children on the spectrum is the judgmental comments that are frequently tossed my way.  This children’s book was inspired by my daughter with Asperger’s when she was told to “throw out her ice cream cone” and […]

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