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Finding A Better Way to Support Young Adults with Special Needs

It is a common refrain among parents of newborns that “babies don’t come with instructions.” Similarly, there is certainly no handbook given to parents when their child receives a diagnosis of autism. My son Connor was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age three.  After his diagnosis, when our grief and anger began to subside, my […]

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How to Recognize the Medical Comorbidities of Autism

The etiology of autism, though still a mystery, is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors.  Autism is thought to develop sometime during pregnancy and the first three years of life (early-onset autism) or, as in regressive or late-onset autism, some children appear to have developed normally until 12-24 months before losing […]

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New Book Reveals a Unique Autism Perspective

Book Shows A Unique Autism Perspective

Author Samantha Craft first discovered she had Asperger’s syndrome while working toward her degree in Mental Health Counseling. Craft, whose second oldest son had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome over a decade prior, was all too familiar with the subject of autism. She had studied, worried, and gone head-to-head with behavioral specialists and psychologists concerning […]

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