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Motherhood – A Reflection of My Younger Self

Motherhood - A Reflection of My Younger Self https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/reflection-of-my-younger-self/

“I just want him to talk.” I heard these words recently from a parent in one of my schools, a young mom whose four-year-old son attends an Early Childhood Education program. I see her often as she drops off and picks up her son. In her eyes, I catch a glimpse of my younger self—scared, tormented by doubts, […]

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My Signals: Autistic Reflections of a Man Who Thinks in Circles and Dreams Like a Stone

My Signals: Autistic Reflections by Patrick Jasper Lee   ‘The geometric synaesthetic system of communication, which I call “my signals”, enables me to do what other “aspies” can’t: accurately interpret a social situation, decide what individuals are communicating, and work out how I will need to behave accordingly’, says Patrick Jasper Lee, author of My Signals: Autistic Reflections of […]

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