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A Flight of Love and Understanding With ASD

A Flight of Love and Understanding With ASD https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/flight-of-love-and-understanding/

The red-eye from Quito to Miami was delayed for two hours.  Most of the passengers had been waiting near the boarding gate for more than four hours—many milling about in the aisles, a few reading, talking on their cell phones or squirming in their plastic seats. Some were sprawled out on the tile floor, a […]

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A Changing Child With Autism Needs a Changing Parent

A Changing Child With Autism Needs a Changing Parent https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/changing-child-autism-needs-parent/

Diagnosis often brings with it clarity of thought. We are given an explanation and often concrete actions in the shape of therapy. A lot of therapy. We take our child to so much therapy that our clarity becomes lost in the fog of scheduling, implementing, analyzing, assessing, researching, changing, and repeating that cycle. Then one […]

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When Protecting Your Child With Autism Is Misunderstood

When Protecting Your Child With Autism Is Misunderstood https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/when-protecting-child-autism-misunderstood/

It seems that we as parents of complex children are judged at every turn. But there is no judgment more supreme or detrimental as a letter from Children and Youth Services—a letter detailing you are under investigation by the government because someone in the world, as an outsider looking in, has viewed your parenting in […]

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7 Tips For an Amazing School Year With Your Special Needs Child

7 Tips For an Amazing School Year With Your Special Needs Child

All parents anticipate the dreaded, back-to-school supplies list. It’s the first day and your child comes home with a book bag full of information. After reviewing everything, you rub your tired eyes, and wonder when you’ll have the time to pick up notebooks, pencils, hand wipes, and all the other things your child will need […]

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Grounded Gentry: In the Right and Honorable Name of Love

I’m way into country walks and my favorite rock star is John Rutter and I wish with all my heart gloves would come back in style, at least for Sundays. I’m down with Darjeeling, and I refer to England as the Motherland. But these things are not what makes me an aristocrat. I’m worthy of the family’s coat-of-arms when […]

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Never-Ending Love for Our Son with Autism: A Dad’s Perspective

autism dad's never ending love for asd child

There are a lot of articles floating around the Internet written by mothers raising an autistic child or two.  Some pieces are beautiful and full of joy, others, unfortunately, are heart wrenching and very sad.  I wanted to share a father’s view — how I felt when I realized my only child, a son, was […]

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How Journaling with My ASD Son Created a Special Life Connection


Recently I was searching the house for something. We have no storage space so “storage” is pretty much anywhere I can stuff something and finding “said something” later often proves to be an all day event. I never did find what I was looking for but I did come across DC’s Journal from way back in […]

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The Most Beautiful Smile – Taking the Time to Absorb the Joy


My daughter is beautiful. I look at my baby girl and she takes my breath away. It has nothing to do with her blonde hair or her sparkling blue eyes, though they’re a nice touch. What makes my daughter beautiful is her smile. For the longest time, I couldn’t define exactly why this was the […]

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Affordable Emergency App Makes Difference in Autism Community


It’s Simple Math: ICE + Autism = Better Care Paramedics do amazing things every day; I know because I used to be one. They are often the first responders on the scene of a collision, fire, workplace accident or even a natural disaster. In addition to attending to the urgent medical needs of those on […]

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10 Things Medics Need to Know about Your Autism

Accidents happen. We all hope for the best, but being prepared for the unexpected is particularly important for people with autism. The heightened level of anxiety associated with an emergency can turn a challenging event into a nightmare, so being ready is of the utmost importance Owing to the complex and individual nature of autism, […]

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