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Go-Go Blanket: The perfect travel blanket for children

  Review of the Go-Go blanket by Go-Go Blanket       This month, we decided to review the go go blanket which is a cuddly, fleece blanket for infants and toddlers (up to size 5) designed to fit over the safety straps in a car seat or stroller.  Go-Go Blankets feature sleeves which keep the […]

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Q&A Section – How to prepare yourself to parent when you have autism?

This is the question as featured in Issue Number 3 Question: How do I prepare to parent children when I am autistic? We often receive many questions from people but the most common question must be: How to prepare to have children as an adult with Asperger’s? First and foremost, nothing can fully prepare you […]

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Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrum

 Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrumby S.R. Salas   Black and White is a memoir about life, love and understanding from an autistic perspective. It’s about growing up on a spectrum I wasn’t aware of until the diagnosis of my son 5 years ago. Black and White is my take on marriage, parenting, friendship and how very […]

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Q&A Section – I have a Hard Time dealing with my Son

This is the question of the month as featured in Issue Number 2 Question: I am at a stage in my life where Im tired, my son is slightly autistic, and is difficult to manage at times. He is completely stubborn and is given me a really hard time of late. He is nearly 9 […]

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Sparrow Migrations: A Novel

Sparrow Migrations: A Novel by Cari Noga   Neurotypical author, autistic artist team up on debut novel, Sparrow Migrations TRAVERSE CITY, MI – The novel that has led northern Michigan’s paperback fiction bestseller list for most of April has a unique cover that is not only grabbing readers’ attention, it has its own story to tell. […]

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Issue 11- Deciding if Halloween is Right for Your Child?

Featuring: What is Your Child for Halloween by Ewa Sroslak Masquerade by Renee Salas Interview Caroline and Kyle Coleman by Leslie Burby Social Story about Trick-or-Treating by Leslie A. Burby Staying on Track at School by Brian Katkin of Uptospeedtutors.com Autism in the News by Leslie A. Burby Don’t Desensitize – Recognize by Jaclyn Hunt Book in the Spotlight: Editorial Review of […]

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A Brief Moment in Time

A Brief Moment in Time by Deborah French       There are moments that occur in life that can change everything that follows. For a mother to hear that something is developmentally different about her children – that is one of those moments. Deborah French lived through this moment twice, by the time she […]

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