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Q&A HELP! I Don’t Know How To Handle Inertia With Autism

Q&A HELP! I Don't Know How To Handle Inertia With Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/how-to-handle-inertia-with-autism/

Do you have any information on inertia and the best ways to help a young girl diagnosed with autism handle it? –Anne Hi Anne. As an occupational therapist, we specialize in helping people with the motor planning part of inertia (also known as the clinical term “praxis”). Motor planning is a higher-level skill than motor […]

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Nathaniel was a different child from the moment he was born. My husband was away at basic training, and I was back home, doing what many military spouses do. I was delivering a baby without my husband by my side. When the fuss subsided and all of the relatives went home, I was left at […]

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Issue 19 – Power of Language

Editor’s Letter It has been a tough month for the autism community being cast in a negative light.  Choosing which language to use is extremely important!  In the past month, someone commented on how we should stop using the term Asperger’s because it doesn’t exist anymore. To that I would like to explain: 1. I […]

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