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Courageous Autism Book Publisher Dedicated to Social Change

Courageous Autism Book Publisher Dedicated to Social Change https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/courageous-autism-book-publisher/

Autism Warrior: Jessica Kingsley Formerly Managing Director and owner of Jessica Kingsley Publishers Jessica Kingsley Publishers is a publishing house committed to social change. The autism list is foremost amongst its extensive publishing program across the social and behavioral sciences and is pre-eminent in this field. Specializing particularly in books on Asperger’s syndrome (autism level one), the focus has […]

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A Mom’s Honest Plea for Special Needs Support

A Mom's Honest Plea for Special Needs Support https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/moms-plea-for-special-needs-support

When my son, Alex, was born with Down syndrome, we quickly connected with the community.  We appreciated the connections with families walking similar paths and made friends with the people who get it in a way that even the most understanding friends outside the community cannot. When Alex was four years old, we brought home […]

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Lloyd Claycomb’s Views on Autism


Autism can be one of the most difficult diagnoses to accept for parents. This is particularly due to the challenging symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder.  As with many things that society does not understand, autism has a certain stigma attached to it, too. This can make it quite difficult for families struggling to cope […]

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Issue 17 – Autism Awareness and Acceptance!

Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, I did something that I rarely ever do this month; I watched TV. One night my husband and I decided to not work and sat down on the TV in hopes to find something to watch. He settled on Dancing with the Stars so I sat and watched in revelry missing […]

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Book in the Spotlight: I AM ASPIENGIRL

I Am Aspiengirl, due March, 2014 I Am Aspienwoman, due April, 2014 Aspienpowers, due May, 2014 Sunshine Coast, Australia Visit www.aspiengirl.com for contact details, newsletter, free chapter, photos, and author bio. Aspiengirl author helps advocate and bring awareness to the female profile of Autism Spectrum Conditions. Tania Marshall, Author of Aspiengirl, is helping bring awareness, education and […]

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