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Beware: The Government Is Not Planning for You

Beware: The Government Is Not Planning for You https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/government-not-planning-for-you

In our last issue, we discussed the continued rise in technology that will support individuals with autism as they live and work in their communities in the most independent manner possible. However, in order to take advantage of these growing opportunities, individuals with autism must be financially prepared to do so. At A Special Needs […]

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Ways to Fund Your Child’s Lifetime Support Needs

Ron asks: “I have a Special Needs Trust for my son, and at this point it is not funded.  I was thinking about funding it with life insurance when I die.  Is this is a good idea?” Ron, thank you for the thoughtful question. Funding your son’s Special Needs Trust is quite an important task.  […]

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How Journaling with My ASD Son Created a Special Life Connection


Recently I was searching the house for something. We have no storage space so “storage” is pretty much anywhere I can stuff something and finding “said something” later often proves to be an all day event. I never did find what I was looking for but I did come across DC’s Journal from way back in […]

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Affordable Emergency App Makes Difference in Autism Community


It’s Simple Math: ICE + Autism = Better Care Paramedics do amazing things every day; I know because I used to be one. They are often the first responders on the scene of a collision, fire, workplace accident or even a natural disaster. In addition to attending to the urgent medical needs of those on […]

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On the Spectrum poem


  one awaying stoneheld distant one paced intention raging one hiding uneasy careful one scab-traced profile screaming one stepping hidden brave one sightless joyful smiling one listing dark becalmed one bespoken spell broke maging one veiling spirit woven one reservoir deep holding one keening foresaken foolish one rifting voice transposing one hopeful losting bright one […]

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How To Help Your Aspie Learn Social Skills: The 6 P’s To Social Skills Coaching For Parents


In this episode of Dr. G Aspie Show, Mary B. Moore teaches Dr. G some awesome social skills games. The key ingredient to developing and keeping friendships is having shared joy and conversation skills. These social skills games are great tools to help your child find shared joy with others and have a fun and […]

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Successfully Securing Your Special Needs Child’s Care for Life


Question: I am a 75-year-old Dad of a daughter with autism. My daughter has her own car and is quite independent.  She lives with me and we just moved closer to my son so that when I die my daughter could stay in this new house, and my son could help her.  She really only […]

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What Is the Best Way To Fund A Special Needs Trust?

Question: I have a Special Needs Trust for my son; however, I am not funding it at this time.  I just have not been able to find the extra money in our budget to fund the special needs trust, especially after we save for our own retirement.  What is the best way to fund a […]

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Is a Will a Sufficient Plan?


Question: My wife and I already have a will and have left our assets to our high-functioning son with autism to ensure a lifetime of extended care, if needed.  Is this a sufficient plan? – Tim B. Dear Tim, Having a will is a great start to a plan, but just having a will is […]

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How Do I Know if My Child Needs a Guardian?

autism child needs a guardian

The question of Guardianship usually occurs around the 18th birthday, due to the fact that in most states the legal age of majority is 18. This means that an individual who attains the age of 18 no longer needs parental consent. This lack of parental consent equates to a lack of parental protection, as well. […]

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