Suzie Makes New Situations Enjoyable

You may remember seeing a printing of “Suzie’s Toilet Time,” in our 6th issue of Autism Parenting Magazine. Well now author Charlotte Olson has published another book to help children on the spectrum cope with new situations called, “Suzie Goes to the Hairdresser.”

In this colorful and inviting book, Olson describes the routine of a typical visit to the hair salon a little less daunting for everyone. In the story, Suzie and her friend Sammy head to the salon for haircuts and realize the experience wasn’t s bad as they imagined.


    Charlotte Olson

    Charlotte Olson is a mother with two children and one of them has a diagnosis of Aspergers. For the past four years, she has been writing stories to help children cope with new situations. Visit her website for a complete list of books: