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Children and adults with autism who experience the most severe symptoms or have been diagnosed with L3 ASD. Often unable to live independently and require support from a guardian throughout their lives. While sometimes contraversial,the term low functioning autism is also used.

Severe Low Functioning Autism – What Sets it Apart

Low Functioning Autism What Sets it Apart

What makes severe autism so challenging? Individuals diagnosed with Level 3 autism need more support than their peers. Their symptoms are more pronounced and affect daily functioning to a great extent. Challenges include social difficulties, trouble with verbal and nonverbal communication, and rigid behavior. Treatments for severe autism are available and are most effective when […]

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A Daddy’s Deepest Love

A Daddy's Deepest Love

In today’s society, what is the criterion for a guy to be considered a real man? Muscles? Toughness? Success? Intelligence? Athletic ability? I’ve learned that it’s actually much more. In January of 1989, I was living the uniquely exciting life of a young, single, stand-up comedian. From my home base of San Francisco, I would […]

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