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Sensory Corner

October 20, 2021

Sensory Corner

One of the greatest things you can do with your child is play. If they have sensory sensitivities, then helping them with sensory regulation through play is even more important to your child’s development.  Below are some fun ways to incorporate sensory play while playing with your kid/s.

Sensory Corner


One of the biggest complaints I hear from mothers is when their child gets a hold of baby powder and starts squeezing its contents all over the place and rubbing their fingers through it. Have you ever felt a handful of powder? It’s so soft! The problem is that baby powder is dangerous when inhaled and makes a major mess. However, flour (that’s right the flour that you bake and cook with) has the same texture without any harm.

So if your child has a sensory aversion to sand, fill their bucket with flour. If you don’t have a yard to let them run rampant then buy a rectangular plastic container. To encourage them to claw through the flour hide little candies or good autism toys for them to win. You can make it a treasure hunt by printing out images of the items they are looking for. (Find 5 lollipops, 3 toy cars, 2 mermaids, 5 princess rings, 7 plastic bugs, etc.) If it is still difficult for them then let them use shovels to dig to get accustomed to it. Then after a couple of plays in the container, try taking the shovel away or tell them they can keep the toy if they use their hands. Always try positive reinforcement.

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If you have a yard then I strongly urge you to let them play outside with it. Pour some on the ground and step in it bare foot. It is so soft! It reminds me of beaches in Aruba, where the sand is crushed coral.

If your child has an aversion to flour then try to get them interested by decorating your lawn with it. That’s right, decorate your lawn with flour.  Get out a spray bottle, a sifter or a long handled mesh strainer, and cut out various shapes from recycled cardboard (cereal boxes work well).  Place your shapes on the lawn, spray the grass and then sift or shake flour through the sifter or strainer about the shape.

[This lawn decorating idea was taken from FamilyFun Magazine’s pinterest page http://pinterest.com/pin/226517056230921217/.]

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