Poetry Corner: Same Differences

Poetry Corner: Same Differences https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/same-differences/

Every person in the universe,

Looking differently.

Everyone in the diverse world,

Acting differently.

Each person in their own dream,

Thinking uniquely.

Each and every person in a diverse community,

Laughing away each passing moment.

Every individual,

Crying during the ups and downs.

Everybody in the world,

Learning at their best ability.

Our differences making us all unique,

While uniting us as one.

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This article was featured in Issue 93 – ASD Advice for Today and Tomorrow

Stephanie Han

    Stephanie Han

    Stephanie Han is a sophomore at Northville High School in Michigan. She works as a peer mentor with students with disabilities. Stephanie is inspired by her peers’ courage in overcoming their challenges and living life to their fullest. She hopes that her poem will serve as a reminder that everyone is more alike than different, in spite of their challenges or abilities. Stephanie looks forward to her continued work with her “differently-abled” peers and being a friend to them.