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Using Lego and other visual supports to help Autistic children understand emotions

For many children on the autism spectrum, reading facial expressions is a daily struggle.  Is my teacher happy with me or irritated?  Is my sister worried or is she sad? Many children with autism can have a difficult time determining what other people are thinking and feeling, and because of this, struggle to partake in… Continue Reading

A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools

A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools continues to be a gold standard autism resource for parents and practitioners. Written by Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, a practicing school psychologist, this authoritative, yet accessible award-winning text provides step-by-step guidance for screening, assessing, and educating children at-risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Grounded… Continue Reading

Book Review by Trev’s mom

Rules by Cynthia Lord   The book is very well structured.  The flow is easy to read.  I seldom read a book in one day, but did with this one.  This book was on target and families who live with Autism can certainly relate to the life situations in this story.  The story was told… Continue Reading

My Signals: Autistic Reflections of a Man Who Thinks in Circles and Dreams Like a Stone

My Signals: Autistic Reflections by Patrick Jasper Lee   ‘The geometric synaesthetic system of communication, which I call “my signals”, enables me to do what other “aspies” can’t: accurately interpret a social situation, decide what individuals are communicating, and work out how I will need to behave accordingly’, says Patrick Jasper Lee, author of My Signals: Autistic Reflections of… Continue Reading

Sparrow Migrations: A Novel

Sparrow Migrations: A Novel by Cari Noga   Neurotypical author, autistic artist team up on debut novel, Sparrow Migrations TRAVERSE CITY, MI – The novel that has led northern Michigan’s paperback fiction bestseller list for most of April has a unique cover that is not only grabbing readers’ attention, it has its own story to tell.… Continue Reading