My Child with Autism Outgrows the Diapers in the Store

Autism diapers for big kids


Q&A What do I do when my child with Autism out grows the diapers in the store?

This is the question as featured in Issue Number 6 and you may also find this article on finding big kid diapers helpful.


If your child has an ASD diagnosis, then ask your pediatrician for a prescription for big kid diapers at their three year old checkup.  Most insurance companies will cover a portion or the full-price of big kid diapers for children with special needs because they are a necessity. Always keep your receipts because you may need to pay for diapers upfront and then be reimbursed from your insurance company. Please call your insurance company to check what they specifically require.

Question: Where do you buy diapers in big sizes?

Answer: In most cases, you won’t be able to run to your local pharmacy and pick up a box.  Once you get into “big sizes” (over size 6), you will need to use a medical supply store or an online medical supply retailer to special order diapers. You need to search for the word “incontinence.” Also, once you get into bigger sizes they are no longer referred to as “diapers” they are commonly referred to as “pull-ups” or “youth pants.”

Try the following medical supply stores:,

Question: What brand/s of pull-ups are good for big kids?

Answer: It seems that parents have had the best luck with the First Quality brand that makes Prevail briefs and bowers, as well as, Sleep Overs Youth Pants and Kimberly Clark’s brand GoodNites Youth Pants. Also, many people seem to have great luck with

Please note that we are not affiliated with any brands nor do we receive payment or compensation from companies. The Q&A section is based on research and parent opinions.

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby is a former Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine and a public speaker on autism related issues. She is the author of three autism related books: Emotional Mastery for Adult's with Autism (2013); Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers, Infants and Babies (2014); and the children's book Grace Figures Out School (2014).

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    I have an almost three year old boy with Autistic-like conditions. He is not officially diagnosed, as in Canada they try not to diagnose things before the age of 4 (not that I agree with the system here). I also have no insurance coverage or medical coverage, everything we pay for his special needs comes out of pocket. My son is outgorwing the size 6 diapers in the store and we are a single family income home. How can I get the diapers he needs without being unable to afford everything else? where can I get help?

    • Avatar chell says:

      You can go to your sons pediatrician and get a prescription if he is special needs It us a pain in the but and will cost the visit for the dr but in the long run it a great deal

    • Avatar Amy says:

      Wal-Mart online, Sells size 7 parents choice diapers. I believe 52 in a box. But it takes a week to do site to store for free shipping. If you pay for shipping it still takes about 6days. That is how I get a size 7 more My son.

      • Avatar Brenna says:

        My son is six. I buy the parents choice size 7 diapers. Pampers also makes a size 7. You can order them online and ship to store for free. I have also started using the parents choice baby wipes.

    • Avatar John says:

      My son is autistic an i use the old fasion kind that you wash out.

    • Avatar Laura Diann Nicholas says:

      Just get adult diapers cost less or women’s diapers in size small

  • Avatar admin says:

    We are not sure of the rules in Canada, but would recommend you track down a local support group in your area who may be able to advise you of the best options

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    I have contacted my Case worker and social worker for my son and since in Canada they refuse to diagnose kids until they are 4, we can’t get funding for anything untill then. I have also asked them about the diapers and unfortunately same thing applies. i would need a prescription from a docotr to get medical supply diapers or order them from the states. However, I have not found an online sites that carry diapers for special needs children that also will deliver to canada. I will look through the sites listed above. thank you for your help

    • Avatar sara says:

      I just looked up incontinence medical suppliers that deliver to Canada. The internet came up with three. One was at home medical. one was called,

    • Avatar Karen Salzsauler says:

      My name is Karen, I am the president of our Autism Ontario- North Halton Chapter. Early diagnosis is actually something that they have been prioritizing for years. Your case worker is WRONG! Where in Canada are you? My daughter was diagnosed at 14 months old. (She is now almost 15 years old) I live about an hour outside Toronto, Ontario.

      You can get some funding through Easter Seals for incontinence supplies. They don’t cover 100% but it helps.
      I suggest you find out if you have an Autism Parent Support Group near you. You will find out so much from parents who have already had to search the system for what they need.

    • Avatar Linda Shaw says:

      To say they don’t diagnose in Canada until age 4 is incorrect. It is probably a provincial thing because my Grandson was diagnosed at age 2 in Alberta.

  • Avatar Shonta says:

    I have a 9yr old autistic child. I live in Minnesota. Check out Merwin Home medical. They may ship to Canada. They are not called diapers, they are called briefs. Merwin starts with a small size and works all the way up to extra large. I may have a package of medium briefs that my son has out grown if you are interested.

  • Avatar Dana says:

    please help need diapers for my Autistic son

  • Avatar Jon Anderson says:

    My little brother is autistic. My moms uses this site for his diapers..

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    Abena makes a diaper that is sized for a child. I believe it is the Abri-form XS2- Extra Small. I know they are coming out with another one very soon that holds 1500ml where the Extra Small holds 1400ml i believe. I use these for my daughter and they are super soft and super absorbent. i am waiting for them to get the Junior size one that holds a little more because i think my daughter may need a more absorbent one soon.

  • Avatar Bradley says:

    I have just went through this in Ky popular medicaid for children is Coventry cares they will pay for 192 a month after age 4 just call medical supply place that will get prescription from your Dr. I use Christian cares

  • Avatar azeema says:

    my 6 year autistic girl need diapers in large size.Its very hard to get them and expencive too .Colud any one tell me what t o do?

  • Avatar Tanya Gott says:

    I’m fairly new caring for my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter who is mildly autistic, it has been a year and I know she will be needing a bigger size diaper soon, I also know it will take time to potty train her but would feel better knowing where to get the bigger sized diapers/briefs for her, as we live in Central Manitoba there is NO support group or any assistance to help us out. Also we are having a hard time trying to get her diagnosed, no one in this area is willing to help us out, it is frustrating but we are not giving up!

  • Avatar Teaza says:

    I have two autistic boys ages seven and eight. It is very hard because they both wear diapers and the medical company that supplies them aren’t the best. I am constantly changing them throughout the night. I wish there were better quality diapers for are children.

  • Avatar Bugsy says:

    Try … Works awesome for my 23 yr old son ( size 1 is actually adult medium and size 2 is adult large ) .. My son loves then because have kids designs on them and holds a lot real well

  • Avatar Naomi says:

    My nephew at 10 has outgrown all of the “kids” sizes. We get a men’s Depends incontinence pull-up at Costco or Walmart. He actually argues less about wearing them to bed because they say men’s on the package.

  • Avatar paula says:

    i guess i feel lucky now cause i take care of my 8 yr old grandson he has accident so i talk him into big boy pants which were the mens briefs and since then we dont have anymore accident and he wont take them off at night so we were them at night for protection alittle costly but for his frame of mind i guess i will nobody helps me with any cares i do all by myself and in fact this last month i just got ssi for him and his back pay they wont let me have

  • Avatar Lauri Kelso says:

    My son is 17 and 344 pounds…Men’s L/XL is still to tight for him, but he wears it anyways, because that’s the largest we can find nearby…there used to be XXL that was perfect for him…but they pulled those from the shelf just within the last year…My son has had an infected hair follicle growing which required colon/rectal surgery to remove, it was a huge incision in that area…

  • Avatar Jackie says:

    Home Hospice that is insurance based is a prescribed diaper box that comes to your home. Our son age 9 is in size 6. Helped us. Hope this can help anyone else, because schools need the diapers not the reusable ones, and over size 6 us hard to find. There are Depends for kids that are in adult size diapers.

  • Avatar allison says:

    Our daughter is 14 and has autism and we used the Pampers size 8 diapers on her,then she out grew them! We now have her in the 24×27 inch gerber flat cloth diapers pinned on with diaper pins and adult size plastic pants in pastels and babyprints.They work for her and we feel better not putting disposables in the landfills!

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    My son is 8 years old… diagnosed at age 2 with Autism, I live in Nova Scotia . Direct family support will pay for diapers but you have to fight for it, many letters from yourself, Dr’s and phycologist that diagnosed him/her. it must say intellectual disability . My son wears good nights l/xlg. they work great! hope this helps!

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