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Due to the large amount of requests we receive from companies we give priority to companies that advertise with us as there is a cost to the magazine to perform the review. Usually a combination of a review and an advertising placement results in increased sales for our advertisers.

You would need to provide relevant samples with instructions on how these can best be used for our target audience and the purpose of the product. The products are reviewed by our team of parents and an article is written. Products will not be returned. Autism Parenting Magazine reserves the right to give the products to people with autism after testing them. Products will be tested by having at least two children on the autism spectrum and/or their parents use the product/s. Supplying Autism Parenting Magazine with your product does not guarantee that your product’s review will be featured in the magazine. We choose the products that are received well by the children and parents that test them and meet the majority of the requirements. If the product does not meet the majority of the requirements below then it may not be possible to provide a positive review and instead you will receive feedback from the test to encourage products to meet the needs of all people while improving the product.

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Product Requirements

  • Is the company easy to work with?
  • Was the product packaged carefully to assure a safe delivery of the product?
  • Were instructions included?
  • Were the instructions easy to understand and accurate?
  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Is it practical and/or effective? (ie. For games, can the game be completed? For products, are they effective?)
  • Is it fun?
  • Is the appearance appealing?
  • Is it affordable (considering the cost of making the product and business expenses)?
  • Does it serve the purpose it was intended for?

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