Product Review: Raise Your Rainbow

Product Review: Raise Your Rainbow

I get sent products to review at least once a month and morally I will not review a product that I don’t believe in or think is beneficial. I consider price, is it easy to use, are the people from the company friendly and easy to work with, is it practical, is it useful, is it durable and many other things. When I received the Raise Your Rainbow packet, I had never heard of the product before and to be honest I was a bit of skeptic. My initial thought, “I have tried everything to get my children to eat healthy, and you mean to tell me that magnets are going to work?” Despite my skepticism, I gave it my all because the makers believed in their product and took the time to send it to me.  In an effort to make it fun on the first day that I used the magnets I made a huge fruit rainbow. All my yellow fruits weren’t ripe but the rest of the colors were there. I place the magnets on the magnetic 8inch by 12 inch board that is provided and leaned it against the wall behind the fruit rainbow.

Raise Your Rainbow

Later that day, I cleaned off all the papers off my refrigerator and put all the magnets on the front. At dinner time, when everyone seems to lurk in the kitchen, my middle child opened the fridge looking for a snack to eat while I cooked dinner. Then I saw her playing with the magnets. She asked me, “Where did these come from?” “Oh, it’s a game I got from work. You know how you are supposed to eat healthy foods? Well, this helps you eat healthy food from every color of the rainbow.” I explained. Not completely sold on the idea she said, “Well, how do I win?” There it was, my “Ah ha moment.” Children need to things to be successful: motivation which my children get by competing and a manipulative to physically track progress. I showed her how each time she ate one of the healthy foods that she would raise that color. So if she eats a banana she would raise the yellow magnet to the top of the Raise Your Rainbow magnet. Whoever gets all their colors raised first wins! She went running to tell her sister and the challenge was on. From that day on, it has been an awesome change in my house. We are trying new smoothies to see how many colors we can get into one drink. Plus an added bonus, the Raise Your Rainbow set comes with a shopping list to encourage you and the family to try new fruits and vegetables. My children love kiwi now! My son even uses the pictures on the magnets to help communicate what foods he would like to eat. Check out even more pictures on Facebook. I stuck drink parasols in the fruit to make it fun. They put on luau skirts and had a make-believe luau party with kiwi, strawberries and pineapple.  To the makers of Raise Your Rainbow, I’m sorry for ever doubting you. Thank you so much for getting my family to eat healthy and even try new foods. I love Raise Your Rainbow!

This article was originally featured in Issue 17.

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