Poetry Corner: Where Are Your Words?

Where oh where did your words go?
We’ve searched high…
And we’ve searched low…

Poetry Corner: Where Are Your Words? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/poetry-where-are-your-words/

You practiced other ways to talk, PECs and sign language we tried them all!
Although your words were far away,
you made more progress every day.

We knew the words were around somewhere.
Under here? Over there?
What a day! A week? Two years? How long have we been searching here?

My child, so bright, I don’t mind if you never speak. Your hugs are warm; your smile is kind. That is the best form of language in my mind!

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Suddenly, a word was found! Then many others came around!
One word, two words, three words, four! Oh my goodness, hear them all!
How beautiful you are my dear,
your voice is music to my ears.

But if you lose your words again, just know I’ll help you search for them.
Because my dear, it’s me and you, words or no words, I love you for you.

This article was featured in Issue 77 – Achieving Better Health with ASD


    Madeleine Cotterill

    Madeleine Cotterill is a 27-year-old single parent who is studying critical and creative writing. She has a four-and-a-half-year-old-son named Declan who has autism and who has only just now become partially verbal. Declan is a wonderfully kind child who keeps Madeleine on her toes as they venture through life together.