Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me

As I walk down the street,
the sound is unusual,
and why it’s there, it is unclear.
I hold my mother’s hand with fear.
I need it to shush.

Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/poetry-corner-shh-to-me/

The noise of the drill is loud and overwhelming.
It’s too much for me,
just like the neighbor’s dog,
who sometimes is howling…
I need it to shush.

When I’m in my bed at night,
the sound of the wind can give me a fright.
That’s why I always have on a light…
I need it to shush.

When we go to the shops
and we’re stuck in a crowd,
the noise for me is over-bearing
and loud…
I need it to shush.

When the man takes out his saw,
to work, across the road,
This sets me into panic mode…
I need it to shush.

A trip to the park is nice and fun,
but when I hear those cars,
all I want is to run…

I hear the noise as you do,
but also very different too;
very loud and echoing,
confusing and scary.

For I am autistic, you see,
and this is what those sounds do to me.

If I could tell you how this makes me feel,
I would say to you,
I need it to shush.
And you would realize,
this is very real.

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Don’t get me wrong.
I love to hear like everyone…
Certain noises make me comfort-hum.
I love to sing and enjoy music too,
laughing with my mother,
listening to animal noises at the zoo.

I’m not alone in this.
There are many others like me,
who love sound.
But it sometimes causes us to seek comfort or flee…

So next time you see us upset and distraught,
it’s not that we didn’t like the toy we were bought,
or that we don’t want to stay or play…
It’s just we are having a little trouble on this day.
We just need a little shush

This article was featured in Issue 78 – Back to School Success


    Tracey Barry

    Tracey Barry is the mother of a five-year-old boy on the ASD spectrum. Originally from England,Tracey lives in southern Ireland,andher interests include volunteering, reading, writing, music, andTaiChi. She enjoys time spent with her family.