Poetry Corner: Mystery

Poetry Corner: MysteryAutism is like a mystery
That slowly unfolds

You don’t know each day that comes
What it’s gonna hold

Some days are easy,
Some days are not

Some days to get by as a parent,
It takes all the strength you’ve got

You love your child dearly,
That is very true

So with every new day that comes
You do the best that you can do

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This article was featured in Issue 106 –Maintaining a Healthy Balance With ASD


Mary Kangas

Mary Kangas is the mother of two children, Dennis and Sara, and has a great husband named Dennis who works very hard taking care of his family. Mary is a stay-at-home mom who likes to write poems and writes a lot about autism to unfold it all in her words. Mary's beautiful and smart son Dennis has autism and works incredibly hard on things. They are very proud of him. Their daughter, of whom they are also proud, is an honors student and a helpful young lady. They feel very blessed.