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Poetry Corner: Little Glimmers

August 3, 2021

Poetry Corner: Little GlimmersHer favorite toy signs to me
Its blue and purple lights twinkle in the darkness of her room.
It talks of adventures
And magic
This princess doll does not know that the most magical girl in the world
Is holding onto it.

She is our princess.
She is our world, quiet and contemplative.
She holds a different kind of magic in her heart.
She shows us little glimmers of how magical the world can be
If you are brave enough to look from a different perspective.

She rolls over and looks at me, smiling, flapping—
Her smile a little glimmer of pure joy.
In moments like these, I wonder,
How God could let such an angel go and give her to us.

Our daughter’s heart is full of magic and light.
She is the most beautiful sunrise in the blackest, emptiest night.

Her pajamas, woolen and warm, her favorite shade of blue,
Keep her cozy underneath the weighted blanket.
There are flecks of glitter on her face from a toy,
Or a t-shirt, flecks that pick up the hints of gold in her hair.

Our daughter leaves a bit of sparkle wherever she goes.

She sleeps so soundly, cuddled next to me,
Her feet always touching my side.
Her beautiful blue eyes are dreaming of worlds
More wondrous than anyone could comprehend.

I know this even though she cannot tell us about them.

In moments like these I think—I know—
That I am very lucky indeed.

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