Poetry Corner: Every Day

Poetry Corner: Every Day https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/poetry-corner-every-day/ Every day is different with you
Who I will meet; I really can’t say
I walk towards your bedroom door
Wondering what boy I will see today.

Sometimes you greet me with a smile
Sometimes you don’t look at all
Sometimes you give a hug
Other times you don’t see me at all.

On the good days you’re amazing
You lighten up the world around
On the other days I miss you
Wishing I could bring you back around.

You are my boy and that’s all that matters
You are what you are; forever true
An amazing and beautiful person
Every day the world will always love you.

This article was featured in Issue 84 – The Journey to Good Health and Well-Being

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is originally from the UK, but moved to the US in 2009. She is married with two children Max and Isla, and lives in Houston, Texas. In 2014, Max was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Over the last 4 years, Rachel and her family has learned to live with and embrace everything that Autism brings. It is this journey that has inspired her to start writing poetry. She created a Facebook page called ‘Autism Through Poetry' with the hopes that her poems will help others know that they are not alone. She hopes to encourage acceptance and create a better understanding of life with autism; ultimately providing comfort to those who need it most..