I have this gorgeous nephew you should see his beautiful face
And I watch him wonder back and forth seemingly lost within this place
Although he speaks, it’s very rare and he often walks around
The melt down that he has sometimes sees him roll upon the ground
His favorite thing is his trampoline he likes to jump about
Then when he gets frustrated you should hear this little dude shout

My sister is amazing and she copes every single day
Trying to make him safe, secure and helping him have fun and play
She acts so selfless and everything is always done solely with him in mind
This ranges from a house move just so a suitable school she could find
She gave up work to spend her time caring for her young lad
And I wish she realized how amazing she was, she doesn’t and that is sad

Autism is a condition that touches so many we find
But when we see these special children we must always bear it in mind
That they are individual, amazing and unique
And for you to welcome and understand their needs is all that they do seek
So do not pity, ask your questions and please do not just stare
But show the people who are autistic that we love them and we care.

This article was featured in Issue 51 – School: Preparing Your Child for Transition


    Lisa Southall

    Lisa Southall is 42 years old and considers herself a very blessed individual, as she is mother to three wonderful children whom she grows prouder of every day. She is also an assistant principal in a secondary school. Lisa began writing poems many years ago for special events and occasions but now has written a range of poems, on a range of topics, that she hopes to get published.  Most of her poems are based on life and experiences or observations. Lisa was inspired to write this poem as, along with being a mom, she is an auntie to six wonderful nephews, two of whom have an autism diagnosis. This has made her realize both the joy and heartache of autism, and the challenges her sisters face daily.  Lisa thinks it is important to remind people that children with autism are amazing and special and that they want acceptance and understanding along with the rest of us.