Dr. G Aspie Show – Picky Eating with Dr. Lauren King

In this two-part series of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Dr. Lauren King, co-founder of Food Wise at Southeast Psych, joins Dr. G to discuss picky eating with kids on the spectrum.

Picky Eating with Dr. Lauren King

Part 1 answers the big question – Why are kids on the spectrum typically picky eaters?

  1. Kids on the spectrum tend to have more sensory issues – smell, hearing, textures, and taste
  2. They also tend to be very rigid thinkers – it’s a love/hate relationship, no in-between

Part 2 gets into some practical ways you can start right now to help your picky eaters!

  1. Make mealtime more inviting – Get rid of the pressure!
  2. Start a behavioral system at home – Incorporate their special interests (Legos, maps, etc.). With each new food they try, they earn a point. At 15 points, they get the Lego set they’ve been wanting!
  3. Check out the book Food Chaining by Cheri Fraker and Mark Fishbein – This book will help your child start eating new foods based on the foods they’re already eating

Watch the full videos on the Southeast Psych YouTube channel or by going to:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This article was featured in Issue 42 – Autism: Fighting the Stigmas

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