PDF version of Autism Parenting Magazine now available

We are getting some great feedback from the magazine and in particular the last version was very popular due its focus on the parents.

We have also had many requests from parents who don’t have an ipad to make the magazine available in a format that they can read. While the magazine is designed for the ipad version because of its ability to embed video’s and its slick formatting we do appreciate not everyone has an ipad.

Because we don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to get access to this invaluable resource for parents, we have decided to make the magazine available in PDF format.

Please check out the download of this magazine on our website: https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/pdfsubscription

For the next few weeks we are offering a $1 trial for the magazine which allows you to experience it risk free. So please go to our website and download your copy for only a $1.
Mark and Leslie


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