On The Spectrum

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I rub his head in my lap, saying, “It’s okay
Dean. It’s okay.”
He shuts his ears with his palms.
A world of high pitch voices, humming of air
conditioning, and a song,
“Good morning. How are you?” trapped in his
I lull his head in my lap.
We rock back and forth, and repeat together
in harmony, “It’s okay Dean. It’s okay.”
The morning circle breaks. I pick up eight
name tags, ABAB pattern of circles and
squares, clouds and sun.

Jerrice J. Baptiste is a poet, author, and educator who has been published in The Crucible; So Spoke The Earth: Anthology of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc; African Voices Magazine, Chronogram; Shambhala Times; Hudson Valley Riverine Anthology; Events Quarterly; Human Journey Magazine. Her poetry in Haitian Creole and collaborative songwriting is featured on the Grammy Award-winning album: Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti, released by Spare the Rock Records LLC.  Jerrice is the author of eight books. She resides in the Hudson Valley, NY.

This article was featured in Issue 72 – Sensory Solutions For Life


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