Top Tricycle a Sweet Ride for People with Special Needs

Product:  Nuvotrike 20 inch tricycle.
Great for individuals with the desire to ride a bicycle but unable to balance on a traditional bicycle. Currently used by individuals of many ability levels.

Cost:  $299

Top Tricycle a Sweet Ride for People with Special Needs

Introducing the Nuvotrike which has a patented design with a spring suspension to potentially absorb joint stress when transitioning over different surfaces.

This simple design eliminates a chain and the weight of the larger trikes on the market.  With the ability to fold combined with a weight of just under 50 pounds allows the ability to fold and transport the Nuvotrike in SUVs, minivans and larger sedans.

It is currently being used in schools for children with special needs in their physical therapy settings.

Mission: It is our mission to provide a low-cost tricycle for individuals of many ability levels currently unable to balance on a bicycle, as the parents of these individuals have a large financial burden with daily living expenses in raising their children with special needs.

The Nuvotrike is available on our website at or by calling 347-620-1234.  Please contact us today if you are interested in this new product.

This article was featured in Issue 72 – Sensory Solutions For Life

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