Benefits of L-Carnosine for Autistic Children

Possible Benefits of L-Carnosine for Children with Autism - Benefits of L-Carnosine for Autistic Children. L-Carnosine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. The highest concentrations of L-Carnosine are found in the heart, muscle, and brain tissues. Carnosine is classified as a dipeptide, which is a compound made up of amino acid molecules that are linked together. It is thought to enhance frontal lobe function in the brain, and research suggests that it is also a powerful antioxidant.

A synthetic form of carnosine is available, and sold as a supplement to help treat a variety of health issues. These include liver disease, cancer, cataracts, and Alzheimers disease. It is also marketed as an anti-aging nutrient. Some doctors and researchers also claim that carnosine can be of tremendous help to children with autism.

Research indicates that carnosine may help autistic children in a variety of ways, mainly centering around the child’s behavior, and language skills, and it may enhance nervous system function. Studies have reported that children who take carnosine supplements have shown improvement in the following areas:

  • vocabulary
  • language comprehension
  • communication
  • socialization
  • object recognition
  • awareness of surroundings
  • fine motor skills
  • auditory processing

A double blind, placebo controlled study of carnosine was conducted by Doctor Michael G. Chez, and several other researchers. In the study, thirty one autistic children between the ages of three to twelve years were treated with either a carnosine supplement, or a placebo. The study lasted eight weeks, and by the end most of the children who had been taking the carnosine supplements showed significant improvement in behavior, socialization, and communication skills. The amount and percentage of the childrens improvement was based on the standards of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS), and the Expressive and Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary tests (E/ROWPVT). Reports given by the childrens parents were also used in the assessment of the childrens overall improvement. The children who had been taking the placebo instead of the carnosine, showed no improvements. The researchers stated that, “Oral supplementation with L-Carnosine resulted in demonstrable improvements in autistic behaviors, as well as increases in language comprehension that reached statistical significance.”

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The results of the study were published in the Journal of Child Neurology in 2002. The original article and more details about Doctor Chezs study can be found here:

Research indicates that the benefits of carnosine supplementation in autistic children are usually seen within one to eight weeks after the child begins taking it. Carnosine is tolerated very well by diabetics, and is compatible with both ketogenic, and gluten/casein free diets. It has also been reported that it may improve some EEG abnormalities and the frequency of both myoclonic and generalized seizures.

To date, there have been no harmful physical side effects reported by those taking carnosine. However, too high a dose may overstimulate some children, causing hyperactivity, irritability, or insomnia. This mainly occurs in children that have already been diagnosed as being manic or hyperactive, and the side effects usually resolve if the dose of carnosine is adjusted. Many parents have reported that their children seem to sleep better once they are on carnosine as well.

Although research indicates that carnosine may be a very beneficial supplement for children with autism, it is important to note that the studies that have been conducted are relatively recent, and there is much about carnosine that may still be unknown. A physician should always be consulted before starting any natural or over the counter supplement.


This article was featured in Issue 17 – Autism Awareness and Acceptance!

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17 Responses to Benefits of L-Carnosine for Autistic Children

    • Hi we tried 400ml with our 4 year old. There were no negative side affects and some positive results. Hard to tell what was down to the medication or general progress at that age though

        • My non Verbal four year old has started to talk. I give 200mg twice a day, as the larger doses stopped her from sleeping. She is repeating everything I say and her comphrension and cognitive functions have improved. My daughter has stopped skimming and spinning. I have lots of spontaneous speech and genuine requesting. I am very happy that Dr Chez did this triail. This treatment is safe and does not cause other problems. Thanks Dr Chez, Lizzy, Australia

          • We tried this on my 2.5 year old and he shows good improvement. However, after 8 week we reduced the quantity by half and we started to see hyper active behavior again. I have couple of questions. Are there any recommendation on how long this supplement to be used ? Can this be used along with early intervention programs ?

    • My son’s doctor had us order the L-carnosine online from Kirkman Labs. He trusted their quality. Also, they sell it in 200mg capsules, which works better for dosaging. Good luck!

    • Hello Ananth, ships internationally and they do ship to India. They sell their own brand and name brands supplements. They sell this supplement in capsule and tablet.

      The brand called NOW, is of good quality, which is the one I use. You can research the brands and check the ingridients before you purchase.

      Hope this helps.

    • in the research they used 400 mg twice a day. I have a 13 years old that I just started with. I give him 400 once a day and then will increase it to twice in a weeks time.

      • What is the weight of your 13 year old? I have an 11 yhear old but she only weighs 60 pounds (on a good day) so I am afraid that may be too much for her

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