New Communication App Gives Autistic Children an Important Edge

Communication is the key to every human interaction, and when a child faces challenges with language it can be devastating to social growth. Nikki Dickman, a supervisor to behavioral therapists focusing on kids with autism, had the idea to turn traditional behavioral therapy into an iPad brain game.
New Communication App Gives Autistic Children an Important Edge
With the help of her partners Andrew Greenstein and Darius Zagrean, she believed the intersection of technology and her experience working with autistic children could provide a long overdue change in the field.

Auteachism is harnessing the interaction and captivating quality of technology to ease the process of overcoming these challenges. The Auteachism Therapist App is an application for tablets that turns traditional ABA therapy into an enjoyable activity for children with autism.

It replaces the traditional laminated cards with high-quality photographs that are interactive and entertaining. It’s designed for use with discrete trial and conditional discrimination protocols, as well as provides a built-in random rotation mechanism that ensures the student is truly discriminating between images.

A database is provided that enables multi-client use by cataloguing each child’s past sessions and scores, in accordance with HIPPA privacy laws. Best thing is: anyone can use it!

App Link: (iPad)
Twitter: @Auteachism

This article was featured in Issue 37 – Making Educational Strides

Amy KD Tobik

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