New Book Encourages Friendship and Care for the Natural World

New Book Encourages Friendship and Care for the Natural World This new book promotes the values of friendship, collaboration, and care of the natural world.

This is a true story about two friends who came across a helpless horseshoe crab that was wedged inside the beam of a wooden fence. The two boys share their feelings about the situation. They communicate and work together to free the helpless animal. They show compassion for the horseshoe crab and free it from the fence. They each have done something out of the kindness of their own hearts.

After the horseshoe crab swims freely back into the bay, the two boys feel proud about what they have accomplished together. They feel good about themselves for giving this horseshoe crab a second chance at life. They have achieved something together that they may not have been able to do alone.

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This article was featured in Issue 65 – Back-To-School Transitions

John Repp

John Repp has loved to write and has had a unique and genuine way of expressing his feelings and putting them down on paper since he was 16 years old. He especially enjoys writing poems, short stories, lyrics, and songs. As John was growing up in a small suburban town on Long Island, he did not read much and, as a result, did not develop his writing skills. It was only after he attended college and majored in 18th- & 19th-century English literature that he was inspired to learn and grow as a writer, and his literary and writing skills improved dramatically. His appreciation for creative writing continues today and has become a very personal and gratifying hobby.