My Fear

My Fear

Why am I afraid of spiders?

Why am I afraid of losing?

Why am I afraid of you?

Because what I fear most of all is the judgment, an overbearing wall of hatred and disbelief, a monster with razor teeth made from tainted gold that makes us all back down in fear, the same thing that turns our dearest friends into our worst enemies, so don’t be afraid.

If someone judges you about the way you dress, ignore them.

If someone makes fun of how you are, remind them that’s how you, we made.

…because that’s how you defeat the beast with teeth of tainted gold.

This article was featured in Issue 57 – Conquering A New Year

Quinlan Kuehl

Quinlan Kuehl

Quinlan Kuehl is 14 years old and a freshman in high school in Illinois. He likes video games, Nerf guns, magnets and playing the piano. Quinlan was diagnosed with mild autism at age three and had a full time para for school from 1st grade until 7th grade. He has come so far and no longer needs a para. Quinlan is currently a straight A student and his favorite classes are Robotics, Biology and Algebra.

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