Mother of an Autistic Son

Mother of an Autistic Son

I find myself caring for the Chia Pet,
Watering it and putting the little plastic bag on it so that the seeds will bloom.
I’m not sure if mothers of typical kids would find themselves doing this too.
Do all mothers end up feeding their kids’ puppies and watering their kids’ plants?
How much should I do for him?
Am I the only one who is fascinated by the tiny chia seeds sprouting into white little worms?
Plants are growing, and so is my 12-year-old son.
Even now, I want to yell out to him, “Are you eating your breakfast?”

Granted, my son is not interested in horticulture,
But I thought the emoji chia pet kit would spark his interest at least a little.
What is he interested in?
Comedy. He does a mean Tyler Perry imitation.  And his Marge Simpson would certainly impress.
But can he buy a cheeseburger at Burger King with this talent?
What will become of him?

For the moment, I can only take it slow.
Will he meet his IEP goals today?
Will he be invited to parties?
Will someone bother him in the hallway?
Forget about tomorrow.
A little water here, a little there,
And maybe someday he, too, will bloom.

This article was featured in Issue 62 – Motherhood: An Enduring Love


    Laura Yeager

    Laura Yeager blogs for Psych Central and writes spiritual essays for Aleteia USA.  She teaches online Creative Writing at Gotham Writers' Workshop and composition at Kent State University.  "Mother of an Autistic Son" is her first published poem.

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