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This is for all the special moms
Who work hard every day,
To give their special kids the chance
To grow in every way!

God picked you out from all of us
You are the chosen few,
He knew you’d put your heart and soul
In all you had to do!

To raise a special little one
Is not an easy task,
Some days you will be overwhelmed
Why me, is what you’ll ask!

Your child needs some extra care
The world can be so cruel,
But that is why God picked you out
To raise His precious jewel!

You have to deal with struggles that
Most moms don’t have to face,
You have to make decisions that
Most moms could not embrace!

We all could learn a thing or two
From watching how you live,
You simply are all miracles
For all the love you give!

The rest of us will never know
The love you get to share,
For children that have special needs
Give love that is so rare!

So now you know we think you are
“A miracle on earth,”
And that is why God picked you out
To have a special birth!

© Copyright 2013 Amy Comstock

This article was featured in Issue 47 – Motherhood – An Unconditional Love


    Amy Comstock

    Amy Comstock is the mother of five…and all five have four paws and a tail! Her passion in life, besides saving animals, is writing poetry about things that matter to her. Her main topics are autism, special needs, bullying, suicide, and animal rescue! If something moves her emotionally, she will take her thoughts and express them poetically! The one thing in Amy’s life that makes her the most proud, is her involvement with the Humane Society of Forsyth County, Georgia!

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