Here are a summary of reviews from the iOS app store where the Magazine has received an average 4.5 stars since its beginning.

Great Magazine
This is a very informative magazine with lots of good information and stories from parents. I have found in my autism journey that I get the best information from parents and teachers. So for this magazine to be written by parents of autistic children is a real treat. I originally had the iPad app for the magazine but my autistic son took control of the iPad and I couldn’t access my subscription when I wanted to. So I emailed Mark at Autism Parenting and requested to switch to the pdf version of the magazine. And within 24 hours I was up and running on the website for the pdf version.
by Nic’s mom

Useful resource
Thank you for writing articles on important topics of interest to parents of children on the autism spectrum. This is new to our family (autism and the magazine) and this resource makes us feel more informed and connected. Well done!
by Smgall

A great help.. Very informative!
This Magazine supported me to understand Autism on all the different levels and “problem catagories”. As a grandma I get different perspectives and understanding how I can help my grandson. Beautiful, objective, real articles!
by Tobgeran57

Best magazine for Autism Parents
I recommend this magazine for those parents who wants to understand your son with autism
by Edilson Da Silva

Great Magazine
Insightful, informative and a “pick- me- up” for parents with children on the spectrum. There’s just only so much one can read or hear from the “experts” who do it 9-5. I appreciate these are good articles written from the parent perspective.
by smilinmayan

Love this magazine. Felt great to read articles from parents who were taking the words right out of my mouth. Informative, supportive. Highly recommended.
by Mom looking to learn

Great tool for moms
Great context for special moms 😉 great ideas! Keep it up!
by Fresh mama

Autism parenting
I’m finding in the first issue I’ve read problems that I’ve been concerned with!!! Great to know I’m not alone!
by PamalaO

Valuable for additional insights, reinforcement and guidance. There is never enough information as knowledge of the causes and triggers of autism is constantly changing in this ever evolving world. Recommend highly as an additional resource.
by Patti VDB

Great information
Love this new resource to help me better understand my two autistic children.
by KathleenHahn916

Stories and articles are relatable and informative
Love it, so far!
by Trishabnot

Good Information
This is a great magazine. I love the articles. They add to information I have found on my own. Some have prompted me to look deeper into a topic. Others have helped me feel that we are not alone in our struggle with autism.
by LadsBr

Great informative magazine
This is great magazine, colourful, informative and timely. I have been enjoying reading it the last few months.
by Jasdever

Brilliant articles and snippets of information.
by MissMimsy

Great magazine!
by Hailey Cassandra

Great Resource
Love the magazine. It has been a great resource for my family. I like it so much that I bought all of the back issues.
by MrsGabb

Great magazine
Lots of tips and info and familiar situations.
by Odie2000

Great source of information
Just got the annual subscription. There is lots of great information on there. It would be great to have stories from older teens/adults that are on the spectrum. Sharing their ideas on what helped them. A special edition for parents that suspect their child has autism- what steps to take to make sure they are doing all they can to help their child.
by Momday04