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Issue 7 – Instructions not Included: When ASD Siblings Need Emotional Instruction

Featuring: Instructions Not Included: When ASD Siblings Need Emotional Instruction by S.R. Salas Where There’s Anger, There’s Fear by Ariane Zurcher Interview: Susan Louise Peterson by Leslie Burby The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth by Kimberlee Rutan McCafferty Autism in the News by Leslie Burby Siblings: A Plan for Them by Dr. Irene […]

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Issue 6 – A focus on social skills for children with Autism

Featuring: Kids Cooperate-Social Sensory Cognition Therapy – An interview with Aaron Weintraub On a scale of one to ten, tell me how much it hurts using Whatz-It by Lyndon Owen Practical Home-Based Tips and Tools for Children on the Autism Spectrum by Debi Taylor Managing Anxiety with children who have Autism by Ryan Riviera Free […]

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Issue 5 – What is Hippotherapy and how is it helpful for children on the Autistic Spectrum

This issue features Hippotherapy and how it is helpful for children on the Autism Spectrum. Other article include: +Auditory Stimming – stuttering as a form of stimulation +Autism is like a cough, let me explain +The most important part of a parenting plan is YOU +Friend 2 Friend Centre: Social Play Groups +Autistic children proven […]

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Issue 3 – A focus on the parents

Issue 3 – A focus on the Parents of Children with Autism as well as Parents that have Autism Themselves.   How you can help a special needs Parent by Rob Gorski Q&A How to prepare yourself to parent when you have Autism by Leslie Burby How One mother of three copes by Leigh Forbes […]

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Issue 2 – The effectiveness of visual schedules

In issue 2 we take a look at the effectiveness of visual schedules with pictures and how to create you own. We also feature the following articles: Training Public Professionals – Why should public professionals be knowledgeable about autism and How to get staff properly trained Dealing with Sensory Issues in Public  – Solutions to try […]

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Issue 1 – A look at sensory processing issues

Issue one focuses on Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD as it’s commonly known. Sensory processing issues are very common among people with Autism and this particular edition gives several tips and techniques that can be used to overcome some of the issues that are present.   Other articles include: How to get an official diagnosis […]

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