About Luciano

As pure as the driven snow

His soul shines on us.

As beautiful as a petal opens up in the spring
His smile and laugh vibrates in our heart.

He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t condemn
He loves unconditionally.

He sees what the common man can’t see

He sees the light in you, he feels your true nature.

God created a wonderful masterpiece that only chosen ones

Will get the chance to cross his path.

You will learn from him, you will grow from his presence, he will make you become a better person.

His purpose on earth is simple, but how powerful,

He’s here to change people’s heart, he’s here to change the world…for a better one…

This article was featured in Issue 46 – The Time for Acceptance


    Yannick Dion

    Yannick Dion is the father of two beautiful children (15 and 9 years old).  He lives in St-Lazare, Qc Canada and has a bachelor degree in psychoeducation.  Yannick had the chance to discover one of most pure souls he has ever met in his life in Luciano and said he can talk about him for hours! Yannick's hobbies are running, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, biking and the gym.  Staying active and healthy are part of his life.