Love Needs No Words

Love Needs No Words Big, blue eyes smile at me
And little arms extend up, fingers outstretched
Reaching for me, like I encompass the whole world –
These things say more than a conversation ever could.

You come to me, take my hand, and guide me
To sit beside you
And enjoy your favorite show
Or just sit, holding hands –
These things say more than a conversation ever could.

You run, run, run across the house –
Running laps with arm flaps –
And suddenly take a turn.
I can hear your feet thud-thud-thud on our hard floors.
You run into my arms and give me a hug and a kiss.
You may never say more than a word or two
But your laugh and your ooh’s and aah’s, your babbles and squeals,
Are music to my ears.

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You are the best thing that ever happened to me
And I love you so much my heart feels like it could burst –
I know you feel it too
Because these things you doSay more than any conversation ever could.

This article was featured in Issue 92 – Developing Social Skills for Life

Mary Parker

Mary Parker has a three and a half-year-old autistic daughter. She is a horror author and journalist from southern Illinois. Her poetry has been featured in the Sirens Call e-zine, and her first novel will be published this year. A collection of short stories, Predilection, was published in 2009.