Light and Shadow

Lost and lone

in the darkness

of my chaotic world

show me the way

to walk to yours

Be my interpreter

as I travel with you

teach me the words

that end my silence

Hold me on my outbursts

my terrible fears

of realizing

how different

your world is to me

Give me the clues

to solve the puzzle

your mind is to mine

I´ll give you the answers

to mine

Be a light in my shadow

be a shadow in my light

and as we meet

our days will become bright.

Light and Shadow

This post was featured in Issue 49 – Understanding the People We Love

Tere Acosta

Tere Acosta lives in Tampico, Mexico. A former ESL teacher, she is now an autism advocate and poetry writer.  Tere has two kids 20 and 12, one of them on the spectrum.

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