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Amazing Mom Transforms Language Education for People With Special Needs

October 29, 2021

Autism Warrior: Laura Kasbar

Creator of the Gemiini System, a groundbreaking new web-based program that helps people of all ages with autism, Down syndrome, stroke, and others with disabilities learn language and reading.

Accomplishments: The Gemiini video production team recently expanded from the two-person startup that Laura founded alongside her eldest son, to an impressive enterprise of dozens of professionals including actors, video technicians, coders, editors, and producers.

Laura will present world-renowned autism spokesperson Temple Grandin with her Lifetime Achievement Award from KultureCity, and was mentored by the legendary “father of modern autism,” Dr. Bernard Rimlind. For the Kasbars, this program has become an all-consuming passion to give the same chance that their children had to every child and adult who have a speech and language learning impairment.

Amazing Mom Transforms Language Education for People With Special Needs https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/language-education-for-special-needs

Laura just made headlines on CNN with her profound new system, which has been transcribed in five languages and has become a worldwide phenomenon, changing lives by giving people the ability to understand language, to speak, and to read and write. Through Gemiini, Laura is providing hope to thousands of families who, without her program, would have otherwise given up all hope.

Inspiration: Laura’s story begins at home, where as a business owner and mother of seven children (including twins with autism), she was desperate to reach her son as he was not responding to therapy.  By creating the now clinically proven method called Discrete Video Modeling, she single-handedly transformed language education for those with language disabilities around the world.

Goals: Laura’s dream is to bring the gift of language and reading to the world, and especially to those who are remote and have no access to therapy. As groundbreaking a program as Gemiini already is, she has plans to make it even more accessible in the coming years. Through Gemiini she has also given therapists a tool that will allow them to leverage their time and reach many, many more people. They can now reach people thousands of miles away while never having to leave their own clinics.

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Advice for families affected by autism:  When a parent first receives news of the diagnosis of autism, he/she can be overwhelmed. There is also so much information on bio-medical interventions on the Internet that can be very confusing. We know that the earlier therapy is started, the better the prognosis is for the child, but getting it started can take months, or even years. Gemiini can literally be set up and started in an hour, so it gets the children started on therapy immediately. Once Gemiini is going, the very next thing would be to start the gluten- and casein-free diet. Research recently presented at International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) showed that around 70 percent of children respond favorably to this diet. Once the diet has become a routine, the next thing would be to explore different avenues for live therapy from insurance, local public schools, and state-run programs.

This article was featured in Issue 66 – Finding Calm and Balance

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