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Issue 6 – A focus on social skills for children with Autism

February 18, 2021


  • Kids Cooperate-Social Sensory Cognition Therapy – An interview with Aaron Weintraub
  • On a scale of one to ten, tell me how much it hurts using Whatz-It by Lyndon Owen
  • Practical Home-Based Tips and Tools for Children on the Autism Spectrum by Debi Taylor
  • Managing Anxiety with children who have Autism by Ryan Riviera
  • Free Visual Learning guide Suzies Toilet Time by Charlotte Olson
  • Words, Words, Words by Deborah French
  • Preparing your child for the dentist office by Dr Josie Davidio
  • Q&A – Where do I buy diapers after size 6 for my autistic child that I can’t potty train by Leslie Burby.

Issue 6 - A focus on social skills for children with Autism

Dear APMag Readers,

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying nice weather wherever you may live. This month we decided to focus on care and being a caregiver.  However, after viewing survey results we have also added new features in the magazine to bring you more of what interests you.  Since social skills was a major concerns for our readers we decided to feature Aaron Weintraub Program called Kids Cooperate to explain how he developed a social skills playgroups using “social sensory cognition therapy.”

In addition to articles about social skills we find it important to bring the latest gadgets to your attention that can help our children, which is why we have featured a new easy-to-use magnetic tool that can help special needs people explain their level of pain or cause of fear when at a hospital. After that we give you ways to care for your child’s needs at home if your child is waiting to receive therapy.  Then we feature an article from Ryan Rivera about how to address anxiety in kids by drawing attention to common triggers.

Our news article is about a new law pertaining to restraints in school that needs support in the United States. I realize that this will probably raise much controversy, but parents need to be aware since we are our children’s biggest advocates. I will forewarn you that the ABC News video is emotionally upsetting so please do not watch it in front of children.

After this emotional news section, we thought we would lighten the mood by featuring a very adorably, clever book by Charlotte Olson entitled Suzie’s Toilet Time that we hope you do share with your child (if developmentally appropriate). The next article is a well written recall of how parents need to have patience is key and it is our job to help our children find the words that they so desperately have trouble finding at times.

We continue our theme of caring for our children with advice on how to make going to the dentist unproblematic as possible, which I personally got to put to good use this month. I hope you and your child find it as helpful as I did. The Question and Answer Section is about a very commonly asked question for parents that are struggling with unpotty-trained kids: where do you get big kid diapers, which brands are any good and even advice on how to get help paying for them.

To wrap up the issue, I thought I would share some money-saving advice that I was unaware of when I first became a parent with a special needs child.  I hope that this information is helpful and benefits you all.

Please feel free to send us comments, questions by email or on Facebook. We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions. Also, if you like the magazine and appreciate what we are doing, we would really love it if you could write us a review on the apple app store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/autism-parenting/id588350613?mt=8

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Best Regards,

Leslie Burby

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