Navigating Relationships With Autism

What's in this issue?

Does someone you love need relationship support? Making friends and keeping them requires all kinds of skills. And for many people on the autism spectrum, navigating relationships isn’t always so simple.

This month, our writers have provided top guidance on how to build healthy social connections, advice on teen dating, and tips on how to better connect when your partner is on the spectrum. We also focus on keeping your family healthy with advice on mindfulness, staying positive, how to practice self-care, plus information on the role omega-3 fatty acids play in neurocognitive health. Take a look as there is something for everyone! 

Featured in this issue:

  • The Benefits of Positive Statements for You and Your ASD Child
  • Best Ways to Work With Your Child's Speech Therapist For Growth
  • Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids Boost Neurocognitive Health and Mental Performance?
  • For Carers of a Loved One on the Spectrum: Self-Care Starts With You
  • Dating Advice for Teens on the Spectrum
  • Terrific Ways to Encourage Mindfulness at Home With Special Needs
  • Daddy and Popsicle—Just a Few Words
  • Am I Overparenting My Child on the Autism Spectrum?
  • Ways Ionic Detox Footbaths Can Relieve Symptoms of Autism
  • 5 Ways to Help Autistic Children Build the Friendships They Need
  • ASD Marketplace
    All Abilities! Limitless Possibilities! Easterseals Camp Fairlee
  • Choosing a Dog for Your Child With Autism
  • What's New on the Bookshelf?
    True Story of Special Needs Adoption Reveals Love Can Heal
  • Growth is the Best Support for Someone With ASD
  • The Beauty and Benefits of Buddy Sports Programs
  • A Loving Look at Autism Parenting
  • How to Take the Initiative to Find the Resources Your Child Needs
  • When Your Partner Is on the Autism Spectrum
  • Amazing Interactive Theater Program Makes All Kids Feel Valued
  • What Are the Signs of Pathological Demand Avoidance?
  • New Program Gives People With Autism a Chance to Give
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM with Mine Hagen
  • Poetry Corner
    Autism: One Day at a Time
  • Be Aware: Brain Work Under Progress!
  • Planning for Innovation When There Are Special Needs