Fresh ASD Guidance For A New Year

What's in this issue?

Are you in search of fresh guidance about autism for the new year? We’re here for you. This month, learn the best ways to prepare kids for adulthood, including ways to manage puberty, find the best job, and ways to make the most of disability benefits. We also have advice on how to keep calm when a child has a public meltdown and how to create a restful bedroom space.

This year let’s commit to being our best—nurturing ourselves as parents and carers. Let’s pledge to create real opportunities for people on the spectrum as they transition to adulthood. Let’s spread acceptance.

We look forward to conquering a new year together!

Featured in this issue:

  • Top Ideas to Create a Calming Sensory Bedroom Space
  • 2019 APM Awards: Let’s Applaud Our Outstanding Autism Community
  • Is Your Child With Autism Ready for Adulthood?
  • Don’t Strike Out When It Comes to Disability Benefits
  • Autism Buzzwords You Need to Know
  • Simple Steps to Help Young Adults With ASD Find the Best Job
  • Top Tips on Helping Your Child With Autism Through Puberty
  • The Importance of Self-Care for the ASD Caregiver
  • How to Go from Feeling Judged to Feeling Back in Control of Progress
  • What's New on the Bookshelf?
    Delightful Children’s Book Provides Valuable Insight on Asperger’s
  • ASD Marketplace
    Heroic Nutritional Support for Your Child’s Growing Brain
  • Coping Strategies to Help You Maintain Your Child’s ABA Therapy
  • 6 Helpful Tips for Navigating A Driver's License With Autism
  • What To Do When You Think Your Child May Have Autism
  • ASD Marketplace
    Amazing Weighted Blanket Provides a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Diagnosing Up the Family Tree: When You Realize You Might Be on the Spectrum
  • Autism Warrior: Top Businesswoman Improves Employment Opportunities for Autism
  • Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Child With Autism Who is Gifted
  • Thoughts About My Aging Autistic Son Keep Me Up at Night
  • New Specialized Autism Program Creates Blueprint for Success
  • Poetry Corner
    A Loving Mom's Look: The Autism Poem
  • 3 Steps to Staying Calm During A Child’s Meltdown
  • Autism: A Mom's Passionate Journey
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM with Chelsi McFadden
  • Friendship Group Celebrates People With Nonverbal Autism
  • How Will the Increase in Autism Diagnoses Affect Future Benefits?