ASD Advice for Today and Tomorrow

What's in this issue?

Does your life seem overwhelming at times? Do you feel like you have to put long-term planning for your child with autism on the back burner while you deal with day-to-day challenges? Do you feel like you can’t decipher the infinite amount of information regarding autism available on the Internet? You are not alone.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine where to begin when it comes to finding the best therapies, educational plans, and programs for your child with autism. And it’s hard to know which information you can trust. Our goal is to remove this stress from your life and provide you with the tools you need to make the best choices for your family.

Featured in this issue:

  • How to Make Friends on the Playground With ASD
  • Greta Thunberg: Making the Most of Your Differences
  • Anxiety and Depression in Students With Learning Differences and ASD
  • Practical Strategies to Help Make Transitions Easier for All
  • The Amazing Results Are in On Virtual Social Learning
  • How to Help Kids With Special Needs Avoid the Scaries this Halloween
  • How to Create Opportunities by Teaching Life Skills With Autism
  • Finding Joy and Humor in Raising A Child On The Spectrum
  • Expert Advice When You Think You Might Have Autism
  • Autism Warrior: Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, MD
    Special Needs Pioneer Promotes Research and a Better Understanding of Autism
  • Being Brave With Autism
  • ASD Education: Why It's Important to Focus on Attention Span
  • Preparing People With Special Needs For The Workplace
  • A Mom's Love: The Day He Let Go
  • Families of Children with Disabilities Need and Deserve a Village
  • My Journey: Asperger’s Didn’t Stop Me
  • Let’s Be Real…Autism Parenting Is Tough!
  • When Autism is Holding Aggression’s Hand
  • A Reflection on Autism: The “Furgotten” Ones
  • What's New on the Bookshelf?
    Charming Children’s Book Provides Important Insight on Asperger’s
  • Steps Toward Disability Empowerment in the Face of Naysayers
  • Poetry Corner
    Same Differences
  • Poetry Corner
    More Than Meets the Eye…
  • A Mom's Story: Autism…I’m Mad
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Sarah Chambers
  • A Brief Overview of Special Needs Guardianship